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WEIGHTPACK Filling machinery: YOGURT
Product Description

Aseptic machine for fruit juice, coldfilling paa cleaning media, UHT sterile water, every chamber reduced to the minimum volume, all mechanical parts separated from filling. 2 capping chambers as well as laminar flow filtration unit, allow our machine to achive Log 6, with 144 hours running time every c.i.p. - s.i.p. Complete aseptic design The primary packaging system consists of an automatic Weightpack machine performing the high speed dosing and packaging functions in a hygienic environment. The synchronized unit and enclosure includes the necessary equipment for in-line package and closure sanitization and high precision product dosing and package closure, all within a highly-sanitized environment. with highly serializable and highly washable capping heads in its own sterilisable chamber divided from other machine zones and hermetically isolated by complete separation from upper-electronic part of the turret and external operating environment. The capper rods and heads, as well as the turret underside, are all cleaned and sterilized during the machine wet COP/SOP cycles. Machine frame with sloping top executed in AISI 304 stainless steel appropriately finished. For a perfect drainage of the machine after washing the base tabletops are inclined toward centrally located drains, where the cleaning fluids are collected. This solution, eliminating joints and covers in the base structure, allows fast and efficient draining of the machine cabin of all cleaning and sanitizing solutions.

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